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Opry Chat Transcript
09:44:19 PM> Sonya Isaacs:(from backstage at the Opry...Sonya is here!)

09:43:51 PM> Tamara:Hello Sonya! Can you tell us who some of your musical influences are/where?
09:46:15 PM> Sonya Isaacs:Hi, Some of my influences are: Of course- Vince Gill, Patty Loveless, Dolly,
Emmylou, and alot of bluegrass and gospel!

09:46:29 PM> sarah:who would you like to do a duet with?
09:46:58 PM> Sonya Isaacs:Lots of people: Brad Paisley, Steve Wariner, Vince, James Taylor...

09:47:07 PM> ChaleesNo1:how do you like chatting to fans on the 'net?
09:47:35 PM> Sonya Isaacs:It's great! It's my first time!!! Thanks for visiting! Happy St. Patrick's

09:47:41 PM> Les Butler:Do you have your own country band now or are you using the Opry staff band
09:48:10 PM> Sonya Isaacs:Hi Les! I used the Opry's band! Great aren't they????!!!!!!!

09:47:54 PM> ChaleesNo1:have you signed anything unusual yet?
09:48:11 PM> ChaleesNo1:are you wearing green?
09:49:14 PM> Sonya Isaacs:No, Haven't signed any embarassing things Yet!!!! No, I don't have any green
on.. Do green eyes count?

09:49:09 PM> havensannette: Sonya What do you do in your spare time
09:49:48 PM> Sonya Isaacs:Sing, Watch comedies, shop, swim, play golf... have family time!!!!

09:49:49 PM> Les Butler:Hey Sonya, tell all your Solid Gospel fans hi tomorrow night on the Opry (if you have time).
09:50:09 PM> Sonya Isaacs:OK, you know the Isaacs will be there too!!!!

09:49:56 PM> starry the colt:sonya hi do u have any pets
09:50:44 PM> Sonya Isaacs:No, I have no pets.... don't have much time at home!

09:50:23 PM> CindyFromCanada:When are you coming to Canada??
09:51:12 PM> Sonya Isaacs: Cindy, I don't know when I am coming to Canada, hopefully soon!

09:50:55 PM> sarah:will you be on the opryspotlight tonight?
09:52:03 PM> Sonya Isaacs:I will be on the Backstage at the Opry tomorrow night, and the tv portion of the Opry!

09:50:51 PM> b1047syracuseNY:Rick Jordan says "hello" from Syracuse, NY...we love you !!
09:51:39 PM> Sonya Isaacs:Hi Rick!!!!

09:51:42 PM> starry the colt:oh thats sad but do you have any web pages yet sonya?
09:52:48 PM> Sonya Isaacs:I do have a Visit any time!

09:51:53 PM> pilgrim:have you opened for any "BIG" performers yet??
09:53:18 PM> Sonya Isaacs:No, I haven't opened for many big performers, unless you count allllllllll the
ones here!!!

09:52:09 PM> ChaleesNo1:Julie heard you sing at Chely's fan club party and thinks your voice is
beautiful! Is your album out yet?
09:54:41 PM> Sonya Isaacs:ChaleesNO1-The album will be out sometime this year although I don't have
the specific date. We are going back in the studio again to cut a few more songs! Keep an eye on my web
page for more!

09:52:14 PM> Les Butler:Is Tim with you? If so, tell him I said hi!
09:55:30 PM> Sonya Isaacs:Les, Tim (my husband) isn't here, but will be tomorrow nite. He's playing
bass for me on the tv part!

09:53:01 PM> ChaleesNo1:what is the address to your fan club?
09:53:58 PM> starry the colt:thank ya =) how do you be come a memeber of yer fan club????
09:56:14 PM> Sonya Isaacs:For info on my fanclub, please email- Thanks!

09:55:04 PM> rootsmusic:Sonya, how'd you get Michael McDonald to do a duet with you?
09:56:47 PM> Sonya Isaacs:rootsmusic, Vince got Michael to do the duet. He's great!!!!!

09:55:56 PM> pilgrim:do you have butterflies being on such a prestigize stage ???
09:57:29 PM> Sonya Isaacs:Yes, pilgrim , I did get butterflies tonight! It's so exciting. Did it sound

09:57:07 PM> ChaleesNo1:is there any new artists, such as yourself, that you admire?
09:58:21 PM> Sonya Isaacs:ChaleesNo1-I love, as I said, Brad Paisley, Matt King, Jason Sellers, Jessica

09:58:10 PM> pilgrim:You sounded great!!!
09:58:35 PM> Sonya Isaacs:Thanks Pilgrim!

09:58:39 PM> rootsmusic:Did you know Brad Paisley would like to sing with you?
09:59:17 PM> Sonya Isaacs:Yeah, I heard that... what a cool thing. He's so sweet, we are actually
planning to write together soon!

09:58:52 PM> ChaleesNo1:where was the first place that you were recognized?
10:00:12 PM> Sonya Isaacs:Since I have been performing since I was small, I don't remember the first
time I was recognized.

09:59:31 PM> ChaleesNo1:do you play any instruments?
10:00:41 PM> Sonya Isaacs:Yes, I play the mandolin (did tonight!) and guitar, and piano and bass some!

10:01:07 PM> CindyFromCanada:did you have to take voice lessons and the whole thing or did it come
10:01:15 PM> CindyFromCanada:I love the mandolin, its the prettiest sounding instrument
10:02:10 PM> Sonya Isaacs:CindyFromCanada, I love mandolin, too. No, I didn't have any lessons. It
came really easy. My family will be here tomorrow night. Will you be listening?

10:01:33 PM> sarah:who would you like to meet that you haven't yet?
10:02:56 PM> Sonya Isaacs:Sarah, I would love to meet Jim Carrey, and James Taylor, and Bonnie Raitt,
and Jesus!

10:02:20 PM> Tam:What has been the best part of your career so far?
10:03:54 PM> Sonya Isaacs:Tam- the best part is meeting people I admire, and getting to create my own
style of music!

10:03:04 PM> ChaleesNo1:What was Vince like to work with?
10:04:23 PM> Sonya Isaacs:Vince was great to work with. Sweet guy, and very real! You should meet him!

10:05:27 PM> Sonya Isaacs:Oh, good question!!!It's a mixture of traditional country, acoustic, and
modern country sounds!

10:05:01 PM> Bumpkin Billy://clover happy Saint Patricks day Sonya
10:05:51 PM> Sonya Isaacs:Bumpkin Billy- thanks for the clover- I needed it earlier!!!!

10:06:04 PM> Teach4Fun1:Do you know what time you will be on the Opry tomorrow night?
10:06:52 PM> Sonya Isaacs:Yes, I will be on Opry Backstage at 7pm central, and the Opry show is from
7:30 till 8:00. Then I'm on at 11:30 again.

10:06:09 PM> starry the colt:do you like any other styles of music sonya?
10:07:53 PM> Sonya Isaacs:I like ALL kinds of music! Love easy listening, gospel, country, pop...

10:06:17 PM> b1047syracuseNY:All of the non-PC owners in Central NY say hello...can't wait for you to
come back !!
10:08:24 PM> Sonya Isaacs:b1047syracuseNY- HI YA'LL!!! Thanks for being here. See you soon!

10:07:15 PM> CindyFromCanada:What do you do to control your nerves on stage>?? any metotation??
10:09:02 PM> Sonya Isaacs:To control anxiety, I try to breathe deeply, and pray alot!!

10:07:53 PM> ChaleesNo1:do you like being on the "road"?
10:09:30 PM> Sonya Isaacs:The road is great, but it can get very tiring after a while!

10:07:59 PM> ChaleesNo1:would you like to produce other artists someday?
10:10:04 PM> Sonya Isaacs:I would like to produce my own album someday, but I don't know about
someone elses. It's a big responsibility!

10:09:57 PM> CindyFromCanada:What is your goal with your music???
10:11:15 PM> Sonya Isaacs:My goal is to help people from day to day with inspiring songs, and do provide
music and entertainment that a whole family can sit down and enjoy!

10:10:37 PM> CindyFromCanada:I am bringing my daughter to her first concert on Sunday, do you think
that 7 is to young for a concert??
10:12:07 PM> Sonya Isaacs:It is never too young to start a child in music. It is a beautiful thing!!!

10:11:09 PM> NancyNurse:Hi Sonya, so tell me, did you go to Vince and Amy's wedding?
10:12:46 PM> Sonya Isaacs:No, I didn't go to the wedding. I was out of town, but I heard it was

10:13:46 PM> Sonya Isaacs:Well, I'm off to perform at the Ryman now! Thanks so much for being here
tonight and supporting the Grand Ole Opry!! Happy St. Patrick's Day!!! Love Yall, Sonya Isaacs