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2002 News
9-21-02  Sonya will NOT appear on the upcoming Sweet Home Alabama soundtrack, as previously reported. She said new people came into the project and changed things, removing her song from the movie.  Technically, Sonya still is on the album- she sings harmony on Dolly Parton's "Marry Me" which is included on the soundtrack.

9-4-02  Several websites have reported that a CMT Inside Fame documentary on
Sonya Isaacs, Bard Paisley, and Darrell Scott was supposed to air
tonight on CMT. Instead, Trace Adkins' Inside Fame was aired. I don't
know why Sonya's episode was not aired. BUT...the good news is that the
special was filmed and should air sometime in the future!
For those of you who don't know, CMT Inside fame is a program that
brings a behind-the-scenes glimpse of favorite entertainers.

Also, in case you haven't noticed, Sonya's sophomore album was originally scheduled for an August 20,  2002 release, however, the actual release date has been pushed back. No word yet on when the album will be released, if ever. If you'll remember, the same thing happened to Sonya's debut album...we had to wait over a year and a half to get it! Let's hope Lyric Street doesn't make us wait that long this time!

8-31-02  Sonya's current single "Baby Don't You Let Go" will appear on the upcoming soundtrack to the movie Sweet Home Alabama.  The movie stars Reese Witherspoon and will be released September 27. The soundtrack is due September 24. Others appearing on the soundtrack include big names like Dolly Parton, SheDaisy, The Calling, Ryan Adams, Norah Jones and Avril Lavigne.

6-30-02  Check out the Pictures of Me page for the complete track listing from the new album Pictures of Me. (Thanks Shelly!)

6-29-02  Sonya appeared on the Grand Ole Opry tonight! She sang her new single, "Baby Don't You Let Go" (which she said would be out next month). She sang a second song titled "In the Morning" which I assume will be on her upcoming album, titled Pictures of Me.
    I have heard the title track and it is a very sweet song. It's about a little girl who thinks lightning is God taking pictures of her. So far, the three songs I have heard from the new album have all been a bit more spiritual than her previous album-not flat out gospel, but they seem to have a spiritual edge to them. Sonya also said that the new album was much more of a reflection of her.   

Also, I recieved my copy of the The Isaacs' new album, Eye of the Storm, and it is Grrrreat! Sonya leads on "He Ain't Never Done Me Nothin' But Good," "There Through it All," "Star Spangled Banner," and shares lead with Becky on "It is Well." The album contains 14 songs and is available from The Isaacs website. I highly recommend this album!

6-7-02  The Isaacs have released a new album titled Eye of the Storm. It should be awesome! It is available for purchase (with audio clips) at The Isaacs website here.

5-17-02  Look for Sonya on the ACM Awards on CBS this Wednesday night, May 22, 2002 at 8:00. She will be singing backup for Trisha Yearwood!

4-20-02  More news on the new album!  Sonya reports that the new album was produced by  Biff Watson, Shelby Kennedy and Sonya Isaacs.  Background guests include: Ricky Skaggs, Vince Gill, Amy Grant, Ben and Becky Isaacs, Tim Surrett, Brad Paisley, Ray Herndon (from McBride and The Ride) and others. Sonya played more mandolin on the new album, and co-wrote 9 of the 11 songs. She adds "It's really a true reflection of my style."

   4-14-02  Sonya reports, "I just finished my new project. The first single called "Baby Don't You Let Go" will be shipped April 15th." (Sonya wrote it with Jessi Alexander and Austin Cunningham). Jessi Alexander and Tim Surrett (Sonya's husband) sing background vocals on the song. Sonya's new album is set for an August 20th release. Hear the new single here.

   Sonya Isaacs was in New York City recently to perform as part of the Gaither Homecoming Concert series. Sonya reunited briefly with her former bluegrass gospel family group, The Isaacs, and tells us it was a magical, patriotic experience. Carnegie Hall was soooo amazing... we sang two songs. One was the Star Spangled Banner, the other was one that my sister and I just wrote. The theme of the night was heavily patriotic and was enhanced by great Gospel songs."

   Sonya adds, Right before we came on, (Bill) Gaither brought out some of the firefighters from 9/11 during the performance of A Few Good Men. Another highlight of the evening was having my grandparents mother grew up in the Bronx and has been singing most of her life, and it's the FIRST time my grandparents have EVER seen us perform live. Bill Gaither wanted us to introduce my Grandmother. She is a WWII Jewish Holocaust survivor and is now 80 years old. The crowd gave her a standing ovation. We couldn't hardly sing for crying... and she was overwhelmed. Oh, and it was pretty neat to hear the one and only, Paul Simon perform "Like A Bridge Over Troubled Waters." (The Gaithers are hoping to release the video of the concert this September, as a tribute on the anniversary of the World Trade Center attacks.)

   Congratulations to Sonya and the rest of The Isaacs on their wins in the Awards for Best Country/Bluegrass song for He Understands My Tears and Best Country/Bluegrass Album for Stand Still.

   The Isaacs also won Mixed Group of the Year in the Gospel Line Awards.

1-23-02  This is a letter from Sonya, submitted to the beckyisaacsbowman egroup:

"Hello Everyone,

Just want to give you a quick update on what's going on with the
Isaacs. We have started a great New Year... hope you have, too. I
have just sent a bunch of new photos from my new Christmas gift... a
digital/ movie camera... to our website. Pictures are being added
from different things we have done lately. Some from the Gaither
concert we were at in Lakeland, Florida in January, some from the
recording studio, some from a golf outing some of us had, and many
more! Hope you enjoy them!

Speaking of our recording, we have just finished our new Isaacs
project. It should be released in the Spring. We wrote alot for the
project, and also found some great songs from outside writers. We
feel like it is one of our very best recordings with a wide variety
of styles to please all different tastes!! We'll keep you updated on
the release!

I also just finished my 2nd solo album... the release date is
soon to be announced... I am so excited. I wrote 9 of the 11 songs,
and also aided as a producer. It was co-produced by two gentlemen in
Nashville: Shelby Kennedy and Biff Watson. Becky and Ben sang on
one song, Tim sang on several, and also played bass. Also included
on the background vocals are Amy Grant, Vince Gill, Ricky Skaggs,
Brad Paisley, Sam Bush, John Cowan, and many others. We'll keep you
posted on the release date, single releases, videos, etc.

Finally, Finally!!! We just got our new Prevost bus... Thank
God! We have outgrown our other one. This new one has a beautiful
taupe, dark blue, and burgundy shell with a swirl design, and has 12
bunks !! With all the new Isaacs young'ns we need as many as we can
get!!! We are so grateful to our friends Tim Dillman of Music City
Coach and Mark Caldwell of Star City Coach for expediting the
process, and helping us during the transition... We love you guys!!!

Well, that's about it for now. Hope to see you somewhere on
tour very soon!!

God Bless You!

Sonya Isaacs
The Isaacs"

1-5-02  Sonya On the Charts!  Sonya's Christmas Song, "What Do You See?" debuted on the Country Singles Chart for the Week ending 1-12-02 at #59. Congratulations Sonya!  This song appears on Lyric Street's new Christmas album titled No Wrapping Required.  Buy it here!