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Pictures of Me
Pictures of Me is the title of Sonya's upcoming sophomore solo album on Lyric Street records, was originally due August 20, 2002, however the album has been shelved after Sonya and Lyric Street parted ways in 2004.

First Released Single: Baby, Don't You Let Go
Second Released Single: No Regrets Yet, released October 2003.

Complete Track Listing:
1-Baby Don't You Let Go (Sonya Isaacs, Jessi Alexander, Austin Cunningham)
2-Is There Anybody Out There (Shaye Smith, Lisa Drew)
3-Pictures Of Me (Sonya Isaacs, Ray Stephenson)
4-Roller Coaster (Sonya Isaacs, Keith Sewell, Wendy Buckner Sewell)
5-After You Left (Mark D. Sanders, Ed Hill, Tim Nichols)
6-In The Morning (Sonya Isaacs, Mark D. Sanders)
7-My Rock (Sonya Isaacs, Jimbeau Hinson, Ray Herndon)
8-Still Searchin' (Sonya Isaacs, Jerry Salley, Phillip White)
9-Yellow Jacket (Sonya Isaacs, Tia Sillers, Mark D. Sanders)
10-Chase Away Your Dream (Sonya Isaacs, Gordon Kennedy)
11-My Angel Flew To Heaven (Sonya Isaacs, Brad Paisley)

    Sonya reports that the new album was produced by  Biff Watson, Shelby Kennedy and Sonya Isaacs.  Background guests include: Ricky Skaggs, Vince Gill, Amy Grant, Ben and Becky Isaacs, Tim Surrett, Brad Paisley, Ray Herndon (from McBride and The Ride) and others. Sonya played more mandolin on the new album, and co-wrote 9 of the 11 songs. She adds "It's really a true reflection of my style."
    Sonya reports, "I just finished my new project. The first single called "Baby Don't You Let Go" will be shipped April 15th." (Sonya wrote it with Jessi Alexander and Austin Cunningham). Jessi Alexander and Tim Surrett sing background vocals on the song. Sonya's new album is set for an August 20th release. Hear the new single here.