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Concert Review 4-27-01
So, the concert was so great! I saw The Isaacs at
Hopeful Baptist Church in Lake City, FL, on April 27,
2001. The day after my birthday, and it was the BEST
Birthday present!

I got there 45 minutes early, because I was expecting
a big crowd, and I wanted a good seat! So, I got
there, and there was hardly anyone there! ...only
about four other people. I had never been to this
Church before either, so...

So, I got there in time to see all the musicians
tuning their instruments and do a sound check. Sonya
sang "In the Garden" during the sound check and it was
awesome! They were all still in jeans and stuff, so
after that, they went to get dressed. They came back
and Sonya was wearing a pink shirt and a pink and
orange skirt, and her hair was quite blond...more so
than on her album cover and the last time I saw her!
It's getting longer too. Sonya looked really, really

So, I came to find out that the whole deal was a
Praise and Worship service...They would sing, then the
Preacher would preach. and back and forth. They sang
about five songs, including Stand Still and I Have A
Father Who Can the first time around. Two of my
favorites! Then the preacher preached awhile, and They
came back and sang about five more...then the preacher
preached. Then they came back and sang my favorite
song.."I'm Gonna Move!" as well as "From the Depths of
My Heart," another one of my favorites!

Overall, the concert was awesome! They sang a total of
about 15 songs, including ALL of my favorites, which
was awesome! Then, when the concert was over and they
were going to the lobby to their product table at the
end, Sonya stopped and gave me a handshake/hug and
asked me how I was doing and said it was good to see
me! That was so sweet! That made my night! :o)

Then, we had a closing prayer, and we were dismisssed.
There were alot of people in the lobby, so I felt
clausterphobic and nervous. I couldn't talk to Sonya
like I wished for all the people, but that was ok. She
asked me how I was doing, and how the egroup was
doing, and told me she sang in Japan awhile back and
that it was fun, she also told me that Lyric Street
(her record comp.) is recording a Christmas album with
songs from all their artists and that she'll sing two
songs on it and record them in a few weeks. So, that's

So, then I bought two videos, and asked the Nanny,
"Rebecca," to take a picture of us. So, we were posed,
our heads next to each was really tight in
that lobby...and Rebecca took the picture. And
camera-disfuctional ME, put in a new roll of film and
didn't take the first picture to get the film to the
first exposure, so the picture won't be on the film!
:o( But, I'm trying not to let that get me down! =)

The concert/preaching service lasted from 8:00 pm to
about 10:30 pm. It was an awesome experience and I
can't wait until I see Sonya (and the rest of The
Isaacs) again! If you get the chance to go, please go,
you will not regret it! It's awesome!

What is really awesome is Sonya's voice...It's so
clear and she can do so much with it! She can sing
pretty and do trills and all that, she can sing softly
and tenderly, or she can sing rip-roaring
bluegrass...or "Blues-grass" as she refered to "I'm
Gonna Move!" She has so much vocal skill, that it
leaves me in awe, and it makes me smile when she sings
like that. I smiled so much during "I Have A Father
Who Can" and I don't know why...I guess it's because
it's my favorite song and Sonya does it so
awesome....she makes singing look so easy! She's the

By: Justin