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I'm Gonna Move
      I need to fix my shingles
               Need to change my water drain
               I need to paint my mailbox
               Cause you can't even read my name
               I could use some brand new plumbing
               There's a million things I need to do,
               But, I'm gonna move, I'm gonna move

    Gonna move to a brand new city
               No planes, no trains, no cars
               No high toned sounds of a siren
               No bad news, booze, or bars
               Gonna leave my windows open
               Everything's gonna be brand new
               I'm gonna move, I'm gonna move

               Up there I'll have new neighbors
               Might live next door to John(The Baptist)
               I won't hear 'Turn down that music'
               I won't have to mow my lawn
               I can't wait to see the flowers
               There's a million things I plan to do
               But I plan to move, I'm gonna move

            Repeat Chorus