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The Isaacs

Carry Me            1994
Bridges            1997
Increase My Faith        1998
Pieces of Our Past        1999
Christmas Spirit        2000
Stand Still            2000
Eye of the Storm        2002
Songs of the Faith        2003

Isaacs songs that Sonya sings lead on:

Carry Me
I'm Gonna Move
Peace Like A River
Don't You Want to Go to Heaven

The Sunny Side of Life
He Lifts Me (with Tim)
Dreaming of A Little Cabin (with Joe)
Least I Can Do

She Cries
I Just Want to Thank You

He Never Failed Me
I Have a Father Who Can
From the Depths of My Heart
Thank You
Reaping in the Spirit
Family Chain

Messiah Lullaby

Prophets Admiration
He Understands My Tears

He Ain't Never Done Me Nothin' But Good
It is Well
There Through it All
Star Spangled Banner

O Come, Angel Band
Blessed Assurance
Swing Medley
How Great Thou Art
Amazing Grace