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2000 News
12-30-00  The Isaacs will be performing on the televised portion of the Opry Saturday, Dec. 30 at 8:30 p.m. Eastern time. So look for Sonya!!

12-23-00  Billboard On-Line has a wonderful review of Sonya's debut CD. Read it here.

12-16-00 published a review of Dolly Parton's upcoming album, "Little Sparrow," and had this to say about Sonya:  

"There's also a stunning version of the Eagles' "Seven Bridges Road," which features Lyric Street artist Sonya Isaacs and her sister Becky Isaacs Bowman. "Sonya and Becky are unbelievable," enthuses Parton. "I've always loved that song and thought [it] would be great sung with women, because the only way I've ever heard it was sung with men... I thought I'd gather me up some good girls, so I did it with the Isaacses, and they did a great job. They are such great singers."

Read the entire article here.

Hear Sound Clips from the album here.

Pre-Order Dolly's CD here.

12-10-00  I have recieved a little bit of info on Sonya's fan club.  Alice Freeman, President, says  "We are now in the process of getting a mailing list together to get a fan club base started....and [I] will get all of the information to you as soon as it is available."
So there's not much yet. Hopefully, the fan club will get going really soon! As soon as I get the info, I'll let ya'll know!

12-5-00  The Dec./Jan. Issue of "Country Music" magazine mentions Sonya. In the "Critics Poll" article, critic Jon Weisberger names Sonya's single "I've Forgotten How You Feel" as the #2 best single of 2000, right behind Alan Jackson and George Strait's "Murder On Music Row." However, none of Sonya's singles made the overall list.

Sonya appears on two new Isaacs' albums available online at The Isaacs' Official Site! They are titled "Christmas Spirit" and "Stand Still."

Also, The Isaacs' Official Site has recently been updated with a new front page and new pictures!

12-4-00  The Tennessean has written a review of Sonya's album giving it 3 stars.
Read the review here.

11-25-00  Sonya was awesome on the CBS Thanksgiving Parade! She
wore a burgundy pants suit and sang a shortened version of "That's
What Love Demands." She looked great, and sounded even better!
She moved around a lot and had lots of dancers behind her.

11-16-00  More info on Sonya's appearance in the CBS Thanksgiving
parade! "Sonya Isaacs will be appearing on this year's CBS Thanksgiving Special singing a
version of the song "That's What Love Demands." The annual three-hour special will air on
Thanksgiving morning and consists of holiday parades from New York, Detroit, Hawaii, and

I also found a review of Sonya's album by the Knoxville News
Sentinal. To read it, click here.

11-15-00  The CMT Delivery Room Poll Results are in! It was a very,
very close race! Thanks to all who voted! Here are the final results:
SHeDAISY "Lucky For You (Tonight I'm Just Me)" 36.3%
Sonya Isaacs "How Can I Forget" 29.5%
Trent Summar & The New Row Mob "It Never Rains in Southern California" 34.2%

11-14-00  I found the Sonya article from the "Nashville Scene"
magazine. Read it here.

Here's a review of Sonya's album on

I've just learned some info on Sonya's Fan Club. All I know is this
address to write "for more information." Whenever I get the
information, I'll let you know! Here's the address:
Sonya Isaacs Fan Club c/o Alice Freeman
P.O. Box 198 Eagleville, TN 37060

You can listen to an interview with Sonya on the WSM Radio
Archives! Just click here! Scroll thru the program to about 1:10:00
to hear Sonya's portion!

CMT is airing a CMT Beat news/commercial type thing that focuses
on the making on Sonya's new Video, "How Can I Forget." It
mentions that the mandolin she's playing in the video was the last
mandolin that Bill Monroe played before he passed away! You can
watch the interview here.

Sonya will appear in the Thanksgiving Day Parade on CBS! Be sure to
watch for her in the last half hour...right before Santa!

Sonya has just released a new single to radio, "How Can I Forget." It
is an awesome song, with an awesome video!
The video debuted on CMT on Wednesday, November 8, 2000.
To request the Video, go here: CMT Request Line!

Sonya's Debut album is in stores now! It was released on October
10, 2000 on Lyric Street records.
The album is AWESOME! GO BUY IT...NOW!
Read the review from here: Sonya Isaacs Review

I have created a Sonya Isaacs eGroup, where you can share your
opinions on Sonya Isaacs.
To subscribe, send a blank email to:
OR, visit this page:

Sonya and Becky have sung harmony on two Dolly songs for her upcoming
bluegrass/folk/celtic album. It should be great! Here's the two the Isaacs girls sing on!
"The Little Sparrow" is the title of the album, and is set for a January 23, 2001 release on
Sugar Hill records!

5) SEVEN BRIDGES ROAD - (Steve Young) Sonya Isaacs and Becky Isaacs Bowman -
harmony vocals Carl Jackson - bass vocal Jim Mills - banjo Bryan Sutton - guitar Chris Thile -
mandolin Jerry Douglas - resophonic guitar Stuart Duncan - fiddle Barry Bales - bass

10) MARRY ME (Dolly Parton) Sonya Isaacs and Becky Isaacs Bowman - harmony vocals Mike
Snider - clawhammer banjo Stuart Duncan - fiddle Barry Bales - bass Jerry Douglas -
resophonic guitar Bryan Sutton - guitar Chris Thile - mandolin Clog dancers - Marcia Campbell
and Bubba Richardson