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Concert Review 2-3-01
    I went to see The Isaacs on February 3, 2001, in Tallahassee, FL.  The Isaacs were great! Sonya sounded awesome, as they all did.  The opened their performance with a song that I can't remember.  I know it sounded old timey, and it could have been a standard hymn.  
    Then Lily sang I Brought You To Jesus.  Lily introduced all the members of the band, and Tim introduced Lily. There was lots of humor, and all of The Isaacs showed great stage presence.  They knew how to work it. They seemed to have it all together, and seemed to be more comfortable on the stage than the other acts.      
    Then, Sonya sang lead on I Have a Father Who Can, which is my favorite song! She rocked! She hit every note with precision and accuracy.  Usually when you hear someone live, they don't sound as good as the recording, or they don't hit all the notes, but wow, Sonya hit every note and then some! That song blew me away and earned a standing ovation from the crowd. The whole audience was silent through the whole song. It was beautiful!
    John sang I Can't Make It Lord, Without You.  He was suffering through a cold or sinus problem, but you couldn't tell, he still sang the song perfectly!  
    Next was Sonya singing He Understands My Tears. Beautiful song! The Isaacs harmonies blend so well, even live. Most times on an album, the mixers and engineers can blend the vocals together just right, well, no need with The Isaacs, they sounded perfect.  
    They all played an instrumental next, I assume, Muhraqa from their new album, Stand Still. And closing their set, Becky sang lead on Stand Still. Beautiful song again.
    The Isaacs are a class act.  They command attention, their vocals and picking are flawless. This concert was the best!
    After the concert, I went to the product table, and Sonya, Lily, and Becky were there! I was so nervous to meet Sonya! So I walked up to the table, looking at the stuff, being really shy, then I got close enough to her to speak, so I looked up, and Sonya said hey. I said hey back and told her I was Justin, from the egroup.  She acted like she was glad to meet me.  She told Lily who I was, but she was preoccupied with something else. We talked a short while. Then she signed my CD, and I had my picture taken with her.  My cousin, who went with me, got her CD autographed and a picture taken too! Then we left, and came back and my little brother got her autograph too. I felt so silly going back in there all those times, but it was worth it. Sonya was really nice. I'll take any chance I get to go to another Sonya concert. And you should too! Sonya rules!

See the Picture of Me and Sonya